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Aquarium Maintenance Program

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Become an Aquarium Maintenance Professional or Professional Aquarist

Aquarium Maintenance Program

Low introductory prices on our new Aquarium Maintenance Program

Are you interested in learning more about freshwater fish, saltwater fish and aquariums? Have you ever visited a restaurant, hotel or office that had a fish tank on display? Maybe you have had pet fish or currently are a fish hobbyist.

The aquarium business is more complicated than just picking out pretty fish at the store and setting up a tank. The industry is made up of professional aquarists, fish breeders and distributers, independent fish store owners, aquarium maintenance professionals and aquarium cleaning services. These aquatic professionals provide support for both households and businesses that have aquariums.

The percentage of households owning fish has risen over the past few years.1 According to the 2017/2018 American Pet Products Association (APPA) survey, the percentage of all fish owners that hire an aquarium maintenance service to maintain their tanks is 21%. This is a drastic increase over the 2015/2016 APPA survey which reports only 8% of all fish owners use a service. With the growing demand for fishkeeping services, the business potential in the industry is on the rise.

This is your opportunity to have a career as an Aquarium Maintenance Professional. With Animal Behavior College’s Aquarium Maintenance Program, you will acquire the education you need to make this career a reality.
Learn more about ABC's Aquarium Maintenance program by calling  800-795-3294

What You Will Learn in ABC’s Aquarium Maintenance Program

Learn aquarium cleaning and aquarium maintenance in ABC’s Aquarium Maintenance ProgramThe Aquarium Maintenance Program consists of 10 stages – nine online modules plus a final exam. The course is packed with information to educate you in the art, science, and business of aquarium design, fishkeeping and aquarium maintenance. The course will include hundreds of pages of written materials that will walk novices through everything they need to begin maintaining freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums, and ultimately build a business model around aquarium maintenance service.

Our program includes information on:
  • Starting and maintaining fish tanks
  • Freshwater tanks
  • Saltwater tanks
  • Aquascaping and planted tanks
  • Ponds
  • Commercial aquariums
  • Fishkeeping and fish breeding
  • Aquarium maintenance business building
  • And more!
Curriculum Sneak Peek

Learn From A Professional Aquarist

Meet our Aquarium Maintenance Program writer, Ethan Mizer.

Ethan Mizer was born in Upland, California and he took an interest in the aquarium hobby and fishkeeping at a young age. From his first goldfish tank to his now more intricate freshwater and saltwater fish systems, Ethan took his love for the hobby and transformed it into his career.Writer of ABC’s Aquarium Maintenance Program and Professional Aquarist, Ethan Mizer
Over the last 14 years Ethan has worked in the pet industry, with an emphasis on aquariums. He started his career in journalism for Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine, eventually becoming the managing editor. He has also covered the aquarium industry in a wider capacity for Pet Product News, both as managing editor and as a freelance writer. He has built relationships with many independent local fish stores and maintenance professionals and regularly attends trade shows, aquarium club meetings and special events such as Reef-A-Palloza in Orange County, California.

Ethan’s interest in aquariums and fish truly blossomed as he worked directly with aquarists, experts and leaders in the fishkeeping industry - such as David Lass, Bob Goemans, Robert Fenner, Charles Delbeek, Tim Hayes and many others. It is from these aquarists that Ethan learned the intricacies of fishkeeping and aquarium maintenance and began keeping more advanced tank systems, such as aquascaped aquariums and biotype systems. One day, Ethan aspires to design and maintain a truly massive freshwater planted aquarium system.

Now, Ethan continues to write about the aquarium industry and hopes that his work will help support the growth of the fishkeeping industry and educate new aquarists and aquarium maintenance professionals.

How Much Does It Cost to Become an ABC Certified Aquarium Maintenance Professional?

Tuition for our Aquarium Maintenance Program ranges from $1,995 $1,595 USD to $2,695 USD, depending on your payment plan.* This price is all-inclusive and covers your learning materials, certification and student support.

Speak with an admissions Counselor and see what payment plan is right for you. Contact Admissions at 800-795-3294


Flexible Online Course

ABC’s Aquarium Maintenance Course is structured to allow you to keep your current job while pursuing your education. Our course materials and tests are all online, which means you can access your program at any time of the day, no matter where you are. This format gives you the flexibility to set your own studying schedule. Completion time for our Aquarium Maintenance Course is approximately 10 months.

Student Support

Your Program Manager will guide you through your studies in the Aquarium Maintenance ProgramAfter you enroll in our Aquarium Maintenance Course, you will be assigned a Program Manager and receive their contact information. Your Program Manager will grade your exams and be your guide throughout your studies. You will be able to contact them directly if you need assistance or have questions.


Aquarium Maintenance Professional Certification

Upon successful completion of your Aquarium Maintenance Course you’ll receive your professional certification as an Animal Behavior College Certified Aquarium Maintenance Professional (ABCAMP). Your certification will demonstrate to your clients that you have extensive aquarium maintenance, aquarium cleaning and fishkeeping knowledge.

From Fish Geek to Fish Professional

Work with mandarinfish as a Professional AquariustTurn your hobby into a lucrative career today. Get started on becoming a certified aquarium maintenance professional by calling 800-795-3294.

Please note: Animal Behavior College does not guarantee employment after graduation.

*Additional shipping and handling charges may apply.

1.APPA 2017/2018 National Pet Owners Survey